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Internet Branding

Creating a successful Brand in today’s economy is more complicated than ever. It takes an enormous amount of time, energy and knowledge to keep up with all the trends that can make or break small and large businesses alike. So what can you do?
Currently the BIGGEST mistake made by the average small business owner is the lack of appreciation for branding, and specifically Internet marketability. Too many hard-working experts and value-based businesses think that just having a website is all they need to do in order to keep up with the competition. They couldn't be more WRONG! A $500 website is never acceptable. If you provide a cheap impression of your business, that’s how the potential customer will view your business. Even worse, that is how they’ll view YOU as a person.
Whether they realize it or not, most businesses will need to dramatically increase their Internet presence if they plan to compete in this economy. Competition is fierce and will only get more so in the coming years. Our experts here at IBC understand that many small business owners can't afford to spend excessive amounts of money in order to have premiere service providers, such as IBC, take care of all of their branding and web-development needs.
But we can still help you. IBC provides consultations at a fraction of the cost that provides business owners with the knowledge needed to improve and exponentially increase the perception of value to it's current and potential customers.

However, unlike most other companies that provide similar services, we are not actively looking to take on all types of clients. Because of the nature of our business model IBC does not advertise or market to the public. All of our clients have been referred to us by word of mouth or are associates of clients who our group has done business with.
If you have come to this website looking for help revolutionizing the way you do business through branding and web-development, we would be happy to talk with you. Our base of clients is diverse, ranging from very small businesses to large organizations. The common denominator is that every client we take on understands the value of what they provide and wants to maximize their brand. Our expertise in the multifaceted future of web-development and Internet Marketing helps them get where they need to be.
IBC is a highly specialized and value-based organization. Any business or individual who would like to do business with us needs to value their own time and talent, as well as ours. We are not the fruit that you buy at the supermarket, we are the homegrown fruit sold by the farmers at the farmer's market. If you have ever bought fruit from a farmer's market then you know the difference – higher quality and grown with individualized attention and care.

Email us your contact information and we will call you to answer any questions you may have regarding Just Mine. Thank you.