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Social Media Optimization

Social Networks have really taken off over the last decade. Everywhere you look, people are "Facebooking" this, and "Tweeting" that. The social whirlwind known as Facebook is approaching
1 billion active users alone, and still growing!

In this day and age, Social Media has gained mainstream popularity, from checking status updates on your TV, to adding someone as a friend with your cell phone, this technological and social milestone collectively known as Social Media is here to stay.

For this reason, it is an effective way to communicate, network and market yourself on the web. And what better way is there to do that than integrating your website with popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube and MySpace?

Future Plan

A few of the services can help you with are below:

  • 1. Professional buttons and links to your social network pages
  • 2. Show users of Facebook groups or "Like" pages on your own website
  • 3. Automatically post links and excerpts of your blog posts on your own Facebook and Twitter pages
  • 4. Show your recent Facebook or Twitter activity on your website pages
  • 5. Let members of your website log in using their Facebook username & password for extra user friendliness
  • 6. Add buttons to your website pages which allow viewers to easily share your content on Facebook or Twitter
  • ...and more!